Wednesday 22nd July 2020, 15:00 CEST (UTC+2)
Speakers: Peter Spies, Mike Hayes, Peter Haigh

Energy Harvesting Solutions in Real World Use Cases

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Micro-energy management for energy harvesting IoT devices

[00:00] Key power management IC features and importance (Seamus Ó Driscoll)
[20:15] Power converters for DC-power sources including MPPT (Peter Spies)
[31:55] Power converters for piezoelectric harvesters (Aldo Romani)
[43:40] Energy storage control and monitoring (Peter Spies)
[47:50] Performance trends of PMICs (Aldo Romani)
[51:20] Use-cases examples of energy harvesting IoT devices (Peter Spies)
[57:45]Questions and Answers session

Li-based batteries into the future: present status, trends & next challenges

Energy Harvesting (EH) solutions for IoT

How do we reliably power 1 trillion IoT sensors?