Energy Harvesting – Access Provider: Tyndall

Access Description
Technical Offering
Main Equipment
Typical Application
Case Study
Key Specifications

Thermoelectric materials, devices and characterisation

Access Description
Access to TEG, thermoelectric materials and device fabrication and characterisation facilities including micro-thermoelectric generator and cooler on Silicon platform
Technical Offering
  • Modelling of thermoelectric materials and devices (thermoelectric cooler and generator)
  • Processing of p and n-type thermoelectric materials on 4 inch silicon wafer
  • Thermoelectric characterisation (Seebeck coefficient, electrical and thermal conductivity) of the fabricated materials
  • Elemental characterisation of the materials using x-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, including different high resolution electron microscopy (TEM, SEM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM)
  • Development of the functional micro-devices on Si and complete characterisation of the devices
Main Equipment
  • Electrochemical workstations (Bio-Logic and CHI workstations) allows electroplating of single metal or alloys for the development of the thermoelectric materials on Si
  • Fabrication of the thermoelectric devices using 4-inch wafer scale facilities for thermoelectric materials and device fabrication
  • Seebeck coefficients are measured using home-built system
  • Jandel Multi-height Probe Station: Electrical conductivity/ resistivity of the electroplated materials
  • NanoTR and XenonFlash: Thermal diffusivity measurement systems for the measurement of thermal conductivity of films with varying thicknesses
  • NEW!!! Micro-thermoelectric device characterization system: For a complete thermoelectric characterization of the Si based micro-devices as well as commercial thermoelectric devices
Typical applications
Commercialisation of thermoelectric cooler for the thermal management of the electronic and photonic devices and thermoelectric energy harvesting solutions as an energy source for IoT sensors.
Case Study
A multinational company in collaboration with Tyndall are developing new thermoelectric materials for the application of thermoelectric generator. EnABLES will provide access to the facilities required. A typical project will offer 10 days access to the Tyndall researchers and equipment required.

Dr. Kafil M. Razeeb

Micro-thermoelectric device characterisation system
Key specifications
  • Wide temperature range device characterisation (ΔT=1 – 60°C)
  • Precise control over temperature gradients (±0.1°C)
  • Precise control over the load application (Max. 1.5 KN)
  • Device output power evaluation
  • Also, this system can measure thermal resistance for thermal interface materials

    Electrochemical workstation (Two Channels) / Bio-Logic VMP3
    Key specifications
  • 20 V range adjustable from [-20 to +20] V
  • Current ranging from 10 µA up to 1A
  • Current resolution: 760 pA

  • Thermoreflectance by Pulsed Light Heating / NanoTR
    Key specifications
  • Thermal diffusivity: Range 0.01 … 1000 mm2/s
  • Accuracy ±6.2%
  • Repeatability ±5%

  • Jandel Multiheight Probe Station / Jandel RM3000 Test Unit
    Key specifications
  • Four point probe
  • 10nA – 100mA current source
  • 0mV – 1200mV voltage range