System Integration – Access provider: imec (Holst Centre)

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Access Description
Technical Offering
Main Equipment
Typical Application
Case Study
Key Specifications


Access Description
An all-in-one medical performance low power chip solution for health / sensor applications. The chip is applicable in broad range of IoT and health system applications.
Technical Offering
  • An all-in-one chip covering sensor readouts, ARM M4 processor and supporting accelerators, BTLE radio, USB 2.0 interface, and security features:
    • Dedicated high performance readouts for Electrocardiography (ECG), Bio-impedance (BioZ) and Photoplethysmography (PPG)
    • A powerful processor (ARM Cortex M4f), supported by dedicated accelerators for sample-rate-conversion, FFT and matrix processing. The chip 192kB on-chip SRAM and interfaces to FLASH
    • Hardware features to assure synchronized data collection from different sensors
    • Hardware security support for data encryption, authentication and secure-boot
    • Standard interfaces: BTLE, USB, SPI, UART and I2C
    • Single power supply source (0.8V … 3.6V) with built-in high efficient buck converters, buck booster, and linear regulators
  • Chip and system design expertise for low-power IoT and wearable (health) devices
Main Equipment
  • Expertise in low power chip design
  • Expertise in miniatured low power system design (including firmware development)
  • (Power) simulation techniques to estimate the behaviour of the chip
Typical applications
The MUSEIC (v3) chip can be used in numerous wireless / wearable applications such as (multi-) sensor nodes, fitness- and healthcare applications. The main purpose of the MUSEIC v3 chip is to collect data from various on-chip and external sensors, accurately time-stamped (synchronized) to allow precise correlation of data. Next to that it has sufficient processing support to interpret the data and act on the results. Data can be stored encrypted and secured communicated to external systems (wired/wirelessly).
Case Study
An SME or research team developing a (multi-)sensor application requiring a power efficient and reliable chip / system solution to collect and process the data. EnABLES can provide chip and system (design) solutions to support the application development.

Dr. Ir. Mario Konijnenburg

Health-patch SimBand
Development Platform
EEG headset
Key specifications
  • MUSEIC measures heartrate (ECG), respiration (BIOZ) and motion
  • High performance, low power, miniaturized
  • MUSEIC measures blood-pressure, heart-rate, sweat, respiration
  • High performance, low-power, miniaturized
  • Efficient active electrodes to measure EEG accurately on several positions
  • Data synchronization
  • Low power