Virtual Access

Energy Harvesting DATABASES

The following data/tools are currently available:

EH Data Repository (Univ. of Southampton)
EH_I Online repository providing a common resource for researchers to share data on energy availability. This includes vibration signatures, wind levels, light irradiance levels, or human body motion. It is hoped that this will allow researchers to compare and evaluate their designs and analysis on a common dataset.

Real Vibrations Database (NiPS Lab, Univ. of Perugia)
Real Vibrations Digital database containing numerical time series and spectral representations of experimentally acquired vibration signals.
Most importantly, Real Vibrations is a participatory research project that aims at creating the world largest repository of vibrations recorded from everyday life objects and people movements.
Cars, trains, airplanes, and even human beings, constantly vibrate and these vibrations can be recorded with various devices and stored in such a way that they are readily available and easily usable both by researchers and non expert visitors.