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EnABLES Virtual Access: Easy access to real vibration data for Energy Harvesting

Research activities at NiPS Lab (153s)

Noise in Physical System (NiPS) Laboratory (Università di Perugia, Italy)

NiPS Winter School 2020 (72s)

The Noise in Physical System (NiPS) Laboratory is glad to announce the 11th edition of NiPS Winter School 2020 devoted to the topics of Energy Harvesting, Storage, Micro-Power Management and Systems Integration. 15-18 December 2020.

Virtual Access: Vibration Databases (1m26s)

How to easily access the EnABLES real vibration data.

Thermo-electric (TE) Analysis and Characterisation (52s + 48s + 47s)

EnABLES provides access to Structural Analysis of TE materials, Characterisation of TE materials and Characterisation of TE devices at CEA-Liten.

Energy Harvesting Database (1m15s)

Through our EnABLES programme you can access this Energy Harvesting Database, which contains data from various sources including vibration, wind levels, power and human body motion.

Power Management Board (31s)

Power management circuitry board has Bluetooth & sensors. Powered through an ext source & PV cell, Bluetooth starts communicating with the sensors showing the LED glow & blink. Screen shows the current peaks that indicate communication through Bluetooth.

Vibration Energy Harvesting (19s)

Demonstrating just one of our offers available to researchers through EnABLES. Here we are testing vibration-based energy harvester on our shaker unit. The picoscope associated with it shows the response, open circuit voltage obtained from the system. Need access?? Contact us please.

How to join EnABLES (51s)

About EnABLES (1m52s)

Alex Weddel at ENSsys in New York on 10th Nov 2019 (26s)

Alex would be delighted to explain how EnABLES offers free-of-charge access to #iot research infrastructure and expertise to researchers involved in Powering the IoT.

NiPS/EnABLES Summer School 2019, Perugia, Italy (58s)