EnABLES Conference Registration

Wednesday 19th May 2021
EnABLES – Powering the IoT – Online Conference

Registration is now CLOSED

EnABLES is a European project dedicated to powering the Internet of Things (IoT). It addresses the long term needs of energy management in self-powered smart sensor systems as required by IoT innovation. To enable truly ‘invisible’, unobtrusive and self-powered (autonomous) wireless devices a key challenge is to bridge the gap between capturing energy supply from energy harvesting sources (EH), integrating new devices for energy storage (ES) and taking into account the micro-power management (MPM) requirements for the miniaturised system operation. This webinar is centred to the first step: the energy harvesting. We will present the different EH technologies (photovoltaic, thermoelectrics, piezo, etc.) developed in the frame work of this project. We will also present our free-of-charge technical offer to characterise materials or devices in this different EH technologies.

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