Newsletter 4 – January 2020

EnABLES Newsletter Issue 4 – January 2020


Happy New Year

Welcome to 2020 – we wish you a very Happy New Year & best wishes for your continued research success. The interest level in accessing the research infrastructure & expertise through this EU programme will continue until December 2021, another 24 months.

As the number of access days are limited we’re encouraging everyone to get in early this year with your enquiries to secure you gain access to our research partners’ facilities and valuable expertise. Submit your enquiry here

Energy Storage Webinar – sign up now!

In March, Professor Claudio Gerbaldi from Politecnico di Torino will host our 3rd Webinar.

This webinar will discuss “Li-based batteries into the future: present status, trend and next challenges”.

Claudio Gerbaldi will be joined by Dr Francesca Colò, and also by Prof. Sergio Brutti, University of Rome “la Sapienza”. Sergio is an expert in Li-based battery research and also member of the evaluation committee of EnABLES. Another unique aspect of this event will be the participation of Dr Matteo Destro, researcher at FAAM-Lithops, the first Italian Li-ion battery company, who will add insights on the industrial perspective.

To register your interest, follow this link.

EnABLES @ PowerMEMS 2019 Conference

EnABLES stand at the 19th International Conference on Micro and Nanotechnology for Power Generation and Energy Conversion Applications, which took place in Krakow (Poland) on 2-6 December.

The PowerMEMS conference brought together world scientists and engineers from academia, research institutes and companies who presented and discussed their latest results in the general fields of miniaturised devices and systems for power generation and energy conversion in micro and nano scales. Papers and posters on a wide range of topics, from basic principles, materials and fabrication up to applications and markets in all energy domains including, but not limited to: electrical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, magnetic, electrostatic, ferroelectric, optical, nuclear, and fluidic.


EnABLES had a stand at the Exhibition, showing a number of demonstrators fabricated using the technologies and facilities offered by the EnABLES infrastructure. Members of the team were available to provide one-to-one discussions on how to access our facilities and how researchers can benefit from working with EnABLES.

There was very strong interest on EnABLES offerings, with more than 20 people signing-up to become members of the EnABLES community. Several of these submitted technical enquiries which -hopefully- will gain access to EnABLES facilities in the near future.

Focus: What’s a TA Offering?

TA = Transnational Access

Here are two examples of TA type offers. The TA offer gives researchers, active in the area of Powering the Internet of Things (IoT), fully funded access (incl. flights & accommodation) to EnABLES partners research facilities & expertise across Europe.

Vladimir Chugunov (Comberry LLC), EnABLES TA RefNo 003 visiting our facilities at CEA-Leti

Advanced characterisation & prototype assessment
Measurement techniques and tools are available to characterise the development of user prototypes in terms of their efficiency and/or reliability/lifetime. Assessment of innovative fabrication methods and implementation could be provided and feasibility studies undertaken to help users understand the scope for improvement and process compatibility with integration with other parts. For example assessing the integration of harvesting, storage and power management circuits into an integrated CMOS IC. Access could comprise using process equipment to do compatibility trials of their materials or devices or to leverage from expertise and virtual testing that guides considerations. This can be by way of a template or report. Similarly assessing potential integration of parts into a MCM (multichip module) or 3D packaging assembly.

Smart materials & test structures
Access to smart materials includes energy harvesting platforms (vibrational, solar, thermoelectric), micro-batteries and solid state supercapacitor systems. EnABLES will offer expertise, models and hardware to help test parts, evaluate prototypes and benchmark against known solutions. Examples include RF power transfer, AC-DC and DC-DC converters, sensor interfaces and power management chips.

Latest Outputs

For an up to date list of publications, go to EnABLES Outputs.

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